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As I understand the theory: 1.) The element of time is eliminated from the theory of existence: time being nothing more than a measure of distance anyway ~ hence the distance to a star is in light years and not miles etcetera. 2.) Because time is eliminated, existence is viewed in terms of thousands/millions of dimensions surrounding each other and going through each other etcetera. In real terms while I am sitting on my couch and watching Pardon The Interruption in the evening Indians may be tracking a wounded deer right in front of me or even through me as well as dinosaurs, covered wagons, trees growing … My understanding may be semantically wrong but what I understand of the theory is one of the basis for my faith in an ignorant carpenter who put the whole theory in a ‘nutshell’ almost two thousand years ago when he responded to a ‘trick question’ by stating: “For To God All Are Alive”. This year Dawn is studying Indian Trees and taking pictures of them or possible candidates and I wonder if Trees don’t have more to tell us because they are stationary for so long and have witnessed in their way a lot things go by ~ what would our lives be like if we had to spend them stationary?

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