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Serendipity ~ Metaphysics

Tuesday I went to lunch with an associate.  We referenced a friendly acquaintance by name [and I think the verbalization is important] whom we had not talked to in several weeks.  I mentioned that I was surprised the acquaintance had not called.  On the way back to the Office for no particular reason I began telling my associate about how the DOT regularly violates its own regulations with regard to guardrails when the slope from the road exceeds a 3″ fall every foot and then went on to relate an old case where the victim ran off the road and “scrubbed” his undercarriage trying to pull his car back on the road and that because the new asphalt was so high and the DOT had failed to follow its own rules the drop off was too severe and the victim died when his car flipped.  Within an hour of returning to the Office I got a call from the person we had mentioned at lunch and my associate met with a prospective client who had wrecked his car when he ran off the edge of uneven pavement that was improperly marked.

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