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The Wind Is My Mother

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving I got up early Saturday and made coffee.  The day was so beautiful I took my cup outside with the book I was reading at the time, The Wind Is My Mother. I set the too hot coffee and book down on the table and looked around.  I noticed that the workmen I had doing some landscaping had left tools all around the yard and it looked junky so I went about picking them up and taking them back to my garden shed.  When I got back to the table my coffee had cooled and so I sat down, took a sip and opened the book.  I read a page, then the right hand page and then turned the page and went on to reading the following right hand page ~ there the book started a new story line, anecdote, about a medicine man that had been invited to spend the night at a house.  The next morning at breakfast the medicine man was asked if he had any words of wisdom for the man of the house.  The shaman paused and then said that he knew the man wanted to be well thought of in the community and so he should pick up all the tools and other stuff in his yard that were making it look cluttered. I smiled.

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