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September 13, 2010| what are the odds

I prayed for love, joy and happiness in the morning on my way to Court in Hamilton, GA.  After Court the day was so beautiful I decided I would take the scenic route into and through Roosevelt Park and Callaway Gardens on the way back to the office and go through Pine Mountain, instead of getting back on the Interstate which is much quicker.  It was in Pine Mountain that we had such good fun buying a huge candle on a day I was “girlfriending up” with my girl.  What a beautiful drive.  In Pine Mountain I passed by the old shop, Chanticleer, where we had such a good laugh and that played a part in naming our child.  I did a U-turn and parked and went inside to see if they had some beach stuff that would look good in our condo.  They do, the shop was well stocked.  A note pad with a hummingbird on it caught my eye and I got it for my girl.  The hummingbird is an important symbol in our relationship.  Not only was there the story of my having caught one in the presence of my three older children but it was the motif on a box she had bought me that symbolized the eternal love we share though life is fleeting.  I came back by the house on the way to the office and she was still there, not yet gone to work, and so we had a great lunch and reminisced.  She loved the note pad.  I went on to work.  Later that afternoon she called me to say “you’re not going to believe it, a hummingbird flew into the garage and can’t figure its way out!”  I remembered from the time I caught one that if it got dark enough in the garage it would find its way back out to the light and of course by the time I got home it had.  Just figure the number of happenstances in this story and calculate the mathematical odds of all these decisions and facts coming together, then apply Ockham’s Razor.  Metaphysics at work is the simple answer.  Peace

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