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When I got the news that I had been accepted to Deerfield Academy and the financial aid to go, I was full of all the adolescent emotions.  When I got  the reading list and saw that I was a year behind in reading panic set in.  I had no education mentor.  When I got to Massachusetts, it was such a beautiful place I was determined to succeed.  I took Art and Dan Hodermarsky the Artist|teacher in residence became my first and still primary mentor on life, with his simple cathartic response to teenage angst from me and everyone else: Paraphrased, “Cut the crap and get busy”.   His teaching was without structure except to see, work fast and be prolific, and some good things would come out of it.  He was an anchor to truth in a time of  coming of age in a country in turmoil.  Four decades later I still think about what he would say on a monthly basis.  Some teachers are profound.

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