My latest Twitter post made me think about  what sparked the post, the sudden resignation of two Superior Court Judges in the Griffin Circuit [ I practice primarily in the Coweta and Griffin Circuits] Judge English’s resignation was particularly sad to me as I tried several cases in front of him early in my practice and at that time he was a really good jurist and treated lawyers with respect and genuine good humor.  So this morning I posted the following to the several thousand from here to Malaysia who follow me on twitter || “Actions & Words or as importantly, the lack of either or both, build our futures ∴ one should live here & now & act & say ||http://keithpraterlaw.blogspot.com|| ”  Today I will go to the office with a more focused purpose than usual.  Contemplation is a great thing but like all things it is best done in moderation.

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Watched a Robin Today

Funny how you can tell the seasons on the verge of changing just by watching a bird on the ground


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…So for three months, maybe more, I went to work and turned on my computer and listened to the buzz, the metalwoodpecker, the lilliputian jackhammer unrelenting noise of my computer fan going bad.  I had no idea until I got it fixed last week by paying $35 to have it replaced with a new better fan, how that noise had been ruining my life, disposition, energy level.  Now my computer is quiet and everyone around me has remarked that I am more patient, pleasant, energetic, even funny.  Unbelievable how a little thing like a noisy computer fan could irritate so much that it would affect life being lived.  It has made me think maybe even less not so unpleasant stimulus like a little less TV, no radio on the drive home … hmm?  Post Sponsor ||PRATLAW||


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21122012||Mayan Island Monument

January 30, 2010 2 comments

On a rainy day today I listened to Morgan Freeman narrate a fellow named Jim Turner revisit an island in the Pacific well off the coast of Peru where he found a 150′ ‘totem’ monument and and jaguar monument behind it [thus proving it is a Mayan monument?]. He claims there is link between the monument and the end of time [according to the Mayan Calendar] that will occur on the 21st day of December, 2012. Hmmmmm …well at least the photography is beautiful and did I say it is a rainy day here in Georgia?

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Haiti Relief Telethon

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After 2+ months on Twitter my report is that most people don’t understand it, approximately 60%.  My statistics are as follows:  I did not understand it at first but I thought hmmm at the very least having to communicate in less than 141 characters would be a good thing to learn so I stuck with it.  I searched Newnan my hometown and followed every name that came up then I followed the followers of those entities.  Then I went Atlanta and then Georgia.  Before you knew it I was following almost 2000 entities but only about 600+ were following me.  So I decided to wait a while and my followers grew to 800+.  when I hit 2000 followings Twitter cut me off!  So I decided to wait for a week and see who was not following me and then figure out how to quit following them.  Today I spent about 3 hours ‘unfollowing’ the entities that had decided not to follow me.  I was surprised to find that many of the people I began following several months ago had not linked with me but when I went to their Twitter page I quickly discovered that most of them had not posted a Tweet in many, many weeks.  My second surprise was the number of Atlanta businesses that did not link back to me ~ that was and is bewildering?? My third surprise was that virtually none of the PR entities, Wedding Planners, government agencies and News agencies linked back to me:  surprising to me considering that not only am I pretty good consumer, but I counsel over a thousand consumers a year and they have extended families etcetera, etcetera.  In all I ‘delisted’ almost 1200 entities from my follow page today and learned that I need to monitor who I am following and who links back to me much more closely so I don’t have to sit and do it all at once.

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