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The Road Less Traveled and A Mystery

  Yesterday I drove home from a visit through the Talledega National Forrest.  It was fantastic:  I passed 7 vehicles in twenty miles and one was a Can-Am.  I reflected on the Creek Indians that once lived in this area.  It was a beautiful sky fantastically filled with great clouds:  This picture is what I saw except for the billowing clouds I saw.  I had a great drive, averaging probably 60 miles per hour, letting go of care about where I was going other than looking at the compass every now and again, knowing that I needed to go E to get home.   When I arrived in my county of residence I drove through the small town I have to go through to get home and on the other side of it got behind a young woman driving a Japanese vespa-type motorcycle.  She was only going about 45 and was dressed intriguingly chic metaphysically speaking so it was pleasant to end the trip doing 40 mph behind a vespa driver.  Even as I neared the end of a great little road trip I found a pleasant calm driving behind the girl on the ‘vespa’.   Today on the way to lunch as I began telling the story of my trip through the forest without a car in site and using only a compass to get home  to my two friends in the car, the very same girl on the Vespa came up from behind us and passed us on Bullsboro, yet again intriguingly and chic-ly dressed –  in a different  outfit – all white,  at the very time I was telling the story.  What are the odds?