The Road Less Traveled and A Mystery

  Yesterday I drove home from a visit through the Talledega National Forrest.  It was fantastic:  I passed 7 vehicles in twenty miles and one was a Can-Am.  I reflected on the Creek Indians that once lived in this area.  It was a beautiful sky fantastically filled with great clouds:  This picture is what I saw except for the billowing clouds I saw.  I had a great drive, averaging probably 60 miles per hour, letting go of care about where I was going other than looking at the compass every now and again, knowing that I needed to go E to get home.   When I arrived in my county of residence I drove through the small town I have to go through to get home and on the other side of it got behind a young woman driving a Japanese vespa-type motorcycle.  She was only going about 45 and was dressed intriguingly chic metaphysically speaking so it was pleasant to end the trip doing 40 mph behind a vespa driver.  Even as I neared the end of a great little road trip I found a pleasant calm driving behind the girl on the ‘vespa’.   Today on the way to lunch as I began telling the story of my trip through the forest without a car in site and using only a compass to get home  to my two friends in the car, the very same girl on the Vespa came up from behind us and passed us on Bullsboro, yet again intriguingly and chic-ly dressed –  in a different  outfit – all white,  at the very time I was telling the story.  What are the odds?


Coincidence or Metaphysics?

1.GA_Sheriff_Feb_2011.coverLast Thursday I got the oil changed in my Porsche at Binion’s Tire & Automotive of Temple ~ a great business by the way.  I called at lunch to see if it was ready and Dean or Frank told me about 30 minutes so I got a ride and waited.  While I waited I the latest issue of Georgia Sheriff caught my eye.  The main story was about the anniversary of The Georgia Sheriff’s Boy’s Ranch.  I read the article and decided to subscribe and made a mental note that that would be a charity that I would start giving money to.  I took the blue envelope in the magazine so that I would remember to do it.  About 30 minutes ago I got a call from the daughter-in-law of an old client to let me know that my client had died, Monday.  Melissa Jeter was a great person and I am sad that she finally gave up her battle against Cancer – but she liked cigarettes for too long and I knew her well enough that she decided to go into the next life.  Anyway, what I did not know until the call was that Melissa decided that in lieu of flowers – you guessed it – she wants contributions made to the Georgia Sheriff’s Boy’s Ranch.

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When I got the news that I had been accepted to Deerfield Academy and the financial aid to go, I was full of all the adolescent emotions.  When I got  the reading list and saw that I was a year behind in reading panic set in.  I had no education mentor.  When I got to Massachusetts, it was such a beautiful place I was determined to succeed.  I took Art and Dan Hodermarsky the Artist|teacher in residence became my first and still primary mentor on life, with his simple cathartic response to teenage angst from me and everyone else: Paraphrased, “Cut the crap and get busy”.   His teaching was without structure except to see, work fast and be prolific, and some good things would come out of it.  He was an anchor to truth in a time of  coming of age in a country in turmoil.  Four decades later I still think about what he would say on a monthly basis.  Some teachers are profound.

December 16, 2010

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I decided that when people I know get their safe boating license I will get them something “pirate y” as a gag so of course when Luke emailed me that he had gotten his certificate ~ what I call a “Captain’s License” because I made a rule that without it no takes command of my vessel.  Anyway, just documenting here.  I have been studying the Muscoghee|Creek Indian culture for several years.  The Wind Is My Mother is my current favorite book.  So needing a pirate token to give I go straight to ebay…where I find Creek Indian Shell Carvings.  metaphysics at work in a modern world.

September 13, 2010| what are the odds

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I prayed for love, joy and happiness in the morning on my way to Court in Hamilton, GA.  After Court the day was so beautiful I decided I would take the scenic route into and through Roosevelt Park and Callaway Gardens on the way back to the office and go through Pine Mountain, instead of getting back on the Interstate which is much quicker.  It was in Pine Mountain that we had such good fun buying a huge candle on a day I was “girlfriending up” with my girl.  What a beautiful drive.  In Pine Mountain I passed by the old shop, Chanticleer, where we had such a good laugh and that played a part in naming our child.  I did a U-turn and parked and went inside to see if they had some beach stuff that would look good in our condo.  They do, the shop was well stocked.  A note pad with a hummingbird on it caught my eye and I got it for my girl.  The hummingbird is an important symbol in our relationship.  Not only was there the story of my having caught one in the presence of my three older children but it was the motif on a box she had bought me that symbolized the eternal love we share though life is fleeting.  I came back by the house on the way to the office and she was still there, not yet gone to work, and so we had a great lunch and reminisced.  She loved the note pad.  I went on to work.  Later that afternoon she called me to say “you’re not going to believe it, a hummingbird flew into the garage and can’t figure its way out!”  I remembered from the time I caught one that if it got dark enough in the garage it would find its way back out to the light and of course by the time I got home it had.  Just figure the number of happenstances in this story and calculate the mathematical odds of all these decisions and facts coming together, then apply Ockham’s Razor.  Metaphysics at work is the simple answer.  Peace


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Scroll down this link at different speeds to get a fantastic overview of Kandinsky’s journey as an artist:                WK Paintings

THE DOMESTICATED DOG: A wonderful miracle

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The Italian Greyhound:  A wonderful indoor pet.  Playful, loving, quiet, affectionate, happy.  Just don’t let them out of the house off lead unless you have a fenced yard!

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